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About European Heart Journal - Acute Cardiovascular Care

Update: Now indexed in PubMed Central

We are very pleased to announce the availability of EHJ: Acute Cardiovascular Care within PubMed Central. All articles now have a PMID and until the end of 2013, all full text articles are free to consult.

You can access EHJ-ACVC papers through PubMed Central, or, the journal's own website

Mission Statement:


European Heart Journal - Acute Cardiovascular CareThe European Heart Journal - Acute Cardiovascular Care (EHJ-ACVC) offers a unique integrative approach by combining the expertise of the different sub specialties of cardiology, emergency and intensive care medicine in the management of patients with acute cardiovascular syndromes.

Reading through the journal, cardiologists and all other healthcare professionals working in the field of acute cardiac care can access continuous updates that may help them to improve the quality of care and the outcome for patients with acute cardiovascular diseases.

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The journal has a strong educational focus. In addition to research papers, ample space is devoted to educational materials such as reviews, illustrative  clinical cases, practical tips & tricks and how-to articles.

In particular, the following topics are covered:

1. Acute ischaemic heart disease
2. Acute heart failure syndromes
3. Acute valvular heart disease
4. Cardiac arrhythmias
5. Acute pericardial disease
6. Aortic dissection
7. Acute pulmonary embolism
8. Acute cardiac care in pregnancy and post partum
9. Varia

Scientific contributions related to all aspects of Acute Cardiac Care: education, research, patient care or organisational aspects are welcome.

: Professor Christiaan Vrints, FESC (BE)

Editorial Board:
Ass. Prof. H. Bueno FESC (SP), Prof. P.M. Clemmensen MD, DMSc, FESC, FSCAI (DK), Prof. N. Danchin FESC (FR), Prof. G. Filippatos FESC (GR), Dr. P. Goldstein (FR), Prof. B. Gorenek MD FACC FESC (TR), Prof. Y. Hasin (IL), Dr M. Heras FESC (SP), Prof. K. Huber FESC (AT), Dr P. Jansky MD (CR), Dr M. Lettino (IT), Associate Prof. D. Morrow, FESC (US), Prof. C. Mueller FESC (CH), Prof. A. Parkhomenko FESC (RU), Dr. S. Price MB BS BSc MRCP EDICM PhD FFICM FESC (UK), Prof. T. Quinn MPhil RN FRCN FESC FAHA (UK), Prof. F. Schiele FESC (FR), Prof. A. Shpektor MD,PhD, FESC (RU), Prof. E. Swahn FESC (SW), Prof. K. Thygesen FESC (DK), Dr. M. Tubaro FESC (IT), Dr. P. Vranckx MD (BE), Prof. D. Zahger MD, FESC, FAHA (IL), Prof. U. Zeymer FESC (DE).

EHJ - Cardiovascular Care information

ISSN: 2047-4873
Volume 4 - year 2015
6 issues

Special rates for:

ESC Members

Combined (print & online): €82
Online only: €50

Members of Acute Cardiovascular Care Association (ACCA):

Combined (print & online): €67
Online only: €50

Instructions to Authors

Information on how to submit manuscripts can be found here : Instructions to Authors.

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