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Valvular Heart Disease survey 

The Euro Heart Survey project on Valvular Heart Disease

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Topics: Valvular Heart Diseases

Expert Committee

Alec Vahanian, Chairperson
E. Butchart, F. Delahaye, C. Gohlke-Barwolf, B. Iung, O. Lavang, P. Tornos, J-L. Vanoverschelde, F. Vermeer

Protocol Summary

The purpose of this survey is to collect data from a selected sample of cardiology departments throughout Europe, to evaluate the current practice in evaluation and treatment of valvular heart disease, and the accordance between existing guidelines and current practice.

Objectives of the survey:

The following issues have been addressed in this projects.

  • Use of diagnostic procedures: Catheterisation in pre-operative evaluation, Echocardiography (Mode: transthoracic or transoesophageal approach, Frequency, Indications), Exercise testing
  • Intervention during active endocarditis: Indications for surgery (heart failure, infection, or other); Duration of antibiotic treatment before surgery; Type of surgery 
  • Management of patients after prosthetic valve replacement: Who follows the patients (cardiologist, surgeon, GP or other); How (clinical, echocardiographic follow-up) and how often are they followed
  • Current anticoagulation practice in valvular heart disease: In native valve disease; After valve replacement: how to follow, patient education, use of self-management, what is the target INR, combinations with antiplatelet therapy; Anticoagulation in the early post-operative period
  • Antibiotic prophylaxis: In native valve disease, After valve replacement
  • Management of asymptomatic patients: How do we follow the asymptomatic patient?; When do we intervene?; Which intervention: valve replacement, valve repair, balloon valvuloplasty, vasodilators or other medical treatment; How to follow medically treated patient
  • Management of pregnancy in valvular patients: Type of contraception; Type intervention in young women wanting to get pregnant; Modalities of medical treatment (anticoagulation) during pregnancy, Type of intervention during pregnancy; Mode of delivery (Learn about the Pregnancy survey)
  • Detection and treatment coronary artery disease in valvular patients: Detection: non-invasive, coronary angiography; Treatment: surgery, coronary angioplasty; Post-operative care; Associated drugs (anti-platelet therapy, statin…)
  • Criteria for intervention in the elderly: Criteria for intervention; Pre-operative extra-cardiac evaluation; Which type op intervention: balloon valvuloplasty, valve replacement (choice of prosthesis), associated CABG
  • Management of patients undergoing a valve procedure: Valve replacement. Which type of prostheses: mechanical, bioprostheses, homograft, allograft; Valve repair; Combined procedures (on the aorta or elsewhere); Balloon valvuloplasty

The Main Manuscript reporting the results of this survey was published in Euro Heart Journal. A slides set showing some main figures is also available.

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