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ESC at Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology


This year, the ESC Scientific Programme was held on Saturday 13 October 2012 during the
Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GWICC) - Room 311-B in Bejing.

The learning objectives of ESC in China 2012 were :

1) To update attendees on the most important results presented at the ESC Congress 2012, 25-29 August in Munich, in heart failure, arrhythmias, interventional cardiology, valvular heart disease and prevention.
2) To foster in depth discussions between Chinese and European experts around some of the most recent ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines: heart failure, valvular heart disease, STEMI and prevention.
3) To discuss on how to conduct a registry and compare the data of the Chinese and on the European registries on atrial fibrillation. To discuss the results of the Pregnancy and Heart Disease Registry (ROPAC).

One CVD death in China every 10 seconds, read the press release.

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Scientific Programme ESC in China 2012

08:30 - 10:30: ESC Congress 2012 Munich: five take home messages

Chairpersons: P E Vardas (Heraklion, GR) - D Hu (Beijing, CN)
08:30 Welcome from the ESC and from the Chinese Society of Cardiology P E Vardas (Heraklion, GR) - D Hu (Beijing, CN)
08:45 Heart Failure    M Komajda (Paris, FR)
09:00 Arrhythmias    P E Vardas (Heraklion, GR)
09:15 Interventional Cardiology. MC Morice (Massy, FR)
09:30 Valvular Heart Disease.  A Vahanian (Paris, FR)
09:45 Prevention    D A Wood (London, GB)

11:00 - 12:30: ESC Congress Guidelines 2012: meet the experts to discuss what is new (in five questions)*

Chairpersons: M Komajda (Paris,FR) - D Hu (Beijing,CN)
11:00 Heart Failure   M Komajda (Paris,FR)
11:15 Panel discussion
11:20 Valvular Heart Disease  A Vahanian (Paris,FR)
11:35 Panel discussion
11:40 STEMI    S D Kristensen (Aarhus N, DK)
11:55 Panel discussion 
12:00 Prevention    D A Wood (London,GB)
12:15 Panel discussion

12:30 – 14:00: Satellite Symposium Iroko Cardio International - Managing thrombosis in ACS patients, from clinical results to clinical practice 

Part I
12:30: Platelet in ACS : role and importance of inhibition Y Hongbin (Beijing, CN)
12:40: How to inhibit platelets S Weifeng (Shangai, CN)

Part II
12:50: ACS risk stratification S D Kristensen (Aarhus N, DK)
13:05: Yin and Yang of the treatment of ACS patients R Ferrari (Ferrara, IT)

Part III
13:20: Practical clinical cases
Tirofiban early use before PCI: S Weifeng (Shangai, CN)
Moderators: S D Kristensen (Aarhus N, DK) & D Hu (Beijing,CN)
Discussants: R Ferrari (Ferrara, IT) & S Weifeng (Shangai, CN)
13:50: Closing and take home message S D Kristensen (Aarhus N, DK) & D Hu (Beijing,CN)

14:00 - 15:30 ESC Registries: what did we learn?

Chairpersons: R Ferrari (Ferrara, IT) - D Hu (Beijing,CN)
14:00 Pregnancy in cardiac diseases. R J C Hall (Norwich,GB)
14:20 Atrial Fibrillation.   P E Vardas (Heraklion,GR)
14:40 How to run a registry? The ESC experience R. Ferrari (Ferrara, IT)
15:00 Chinese Registries of Atrial Fibrillation: the results of phase I. D Hu (Beijing, CN) or Y. Sun (Beijing, CN)

15:30 End of session

* SERVIER supports the session "ESC Congress Guidelines 2012: meet the experts to discuss what is new (in five questions) " with an unrestricted educational grant. Servier does not affect or contribute to the scientific content of this session.


The ESC Global Scientific Activities Committee gratefully acknowledges the support of its 2012 annual sponsor Iroko Cardio International



 "We are proud of this joint initiative which strengthens the links between China and the ESC. This interactive programme allow in depth discussions around important medical issues which we meet in our daily practice."
Michel Komajda,
ESC Past President- GSA Chairman
Prof. Michel Komajda (ESC Past President- GSA Chairman) -
Prof. HU Dayi (GWICC President) and the ESC
delegation in China

Prof. MA Changhen - Prof. Michel Komajda (ESC Past President- GSA Chairman) - Prof. Sidney Smith - Prof. HU Dayi (GWICC President) during the Press Conference
“Physicians and cardiologists need to quit smoking, eat healthily, exercise and control their body weight so that they can be a good example for patients and the public, and effectively promote CVD prevention measures with the government, pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers. I believe that if there is no healthy physician there will be no healthy China,” said Prof Hu, President of the Chinese Society of Cardiology.


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Additional contents from webparts:Interviewer : Prof Michel Komajda, FESC - ESC President 2010-2012
Interviewee : Prof Dayi Hu, FESC - Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology President



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